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-Nutrition majors help cook and serve food to people living with AIDS in San Luis Obispo.

The AIDS Support Network

-19th Annual Walk for Life, Nov. 6th

Nutrition majors prepare food for people living with AIDS in SLO

It’s not everyday that you hear about people living with HIV and AIDS in an area near you, but the truth is, people are suffering and students at Cal Poly are reaching out and helping.

Cal Poly’s nutrition club stepped in and decided to prepare meals for patients suffering from HIV and AIDS in honor of Make a Difference Day.

Although the event was kept a little under wraps due to the confidentiality of the AIDS patients, it was still a successful event, according to Nutrition major and second year Cal Poly student Jennifer Grise.

Nutritional salads are individually bagged for each patient.

Jennifer is apart of Cal Poly’s nutrition club and heard about volunteering for this event through an e-mail circulated by the club.

Members of the nutrition club cooked Enchiladas, prepared salads, and made Rice Krispie Treats as a dessert. The meals were then individually bagged, so that any person suffering from AIDS in the San Luis Obispo community could stop by and grab a meal.

“Preparing food for those suffering from AIDS in our community was an amazing opportunity,” Grise said.

Though many are unaware of those affected by HIV and AIDS within the San Luis Obispo community, there are still ways to show support and get involved.

Another Nutrition major and second year Cal Poly student who attended the event, Jordan Young said, “Preparing food is a passion of mine, I was able to take my passion and turn it into a way to help others. It’s an awesome feeling.”

Some upcoming events for the San Luis Obispo County AIDS Support Network include the 19th Annual Walk for Life event on November 6. The event is located at Santa Rosa Park and is an opportunity to raise “much-needed dollars for services,” according to the official ASN website.

Funds have been greatly cut within the past year and this event is an opportunity to obtain the money needed to run a successful and thriving program.

Getting involved and preparing nutritional meals for those suffering is just one way that Cal Poly students can get involved.

When asked what advice she would give for students looking to get involved in any kind of volunteer work, Grise said, “Just do what you love and as long as you are helping people it doesn’t matter what it takes, you feel great after.”

Volunteers prepare Enchiladas for HIV and AIDS patients.

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Some of the Alpha Phi girls at the Central Coast Women's League charity event for breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month starts in October

In honor of the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it was only appropriate to write about an event that is promoting the cause around San Luis Obispo.

After talking to two Cal Poly students, I found out about an event that took place on October 2 at the Elk’s Lodge, hosted by the Central Coast Women’s League. This year, the CCWL held a fundraiser which included raffle prizes and games, such as bingo, to raise money for breast cancer. All the proceeds for the event go to local women who have some need for financial help due to breast cancer issues. This year the CCWL are giving the money raised at the event to two different non-profit organizations, Community Action Partnership and Enhancement, which are both aimed at promoting health and wellness.

The two students, a second year Communications Major, Stephanie Slaught and a second year Modern Languages Major, Jillian Gamboa heard about volunteering at the fundraiser through their sorority, Alpha Phi.

“Because many of the elders of the community attended the event, it was great to communicate with them and get to know them on a more personal level,” Gamboa said.
Not only was the event a chance to help breast cancer survivors but the members from Alpha Phi who worked at the event got to know more members of the community.

With this event, they were able to branch out, off campus, and really get out into the community.

“It was very rewarding to help out a cause that really means something,” Gamboa said.

The girls helped out by acting as “runners” for the event which involved handing out raffle prizes and tickets. Slaught expressed that is was great to be involved in an event that amplifies breast cancer awareness because she too has watched someone very close to her suffer from this disease. It enabled her to appreciate the event and the work the CCWL is doing on a much more personal level. When asked if they would continue with more volunteer work, both girls responded with a positive outlook.

“I definitely want to do more volunteer work. I had so much fun at this event, I can’t even imagine what else is out there,” Slaught said.

They also expressed their desire to return to the event next year and become even more involved.

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