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Here are some great ways to get involved  for the month of November. Each map has a location plotted with a description of what that event entails. Hope you all enjoy!

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I wanted to find out what was behind people’s motives for volunteering and here is what I came up with.

This is also my first time shooting and editing a video using my Flip camera and i-movie.

Hope you all enjoy!

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To some, the phrase “volunteer work” may be just that, work. But what many people don’t understand is that volunteering doesn’t have to be a job, it can be a fun and extremely rewarding experience. I personally use to view volunteer work as a tedious and somewhat annoying task, used only to put on a resume or college application, but just this summer I had an amazing opportunity to spend two weeks in Honduras, donating my time to cleaning up a school, working at an orphanage, and helping out new mothers.

Not only was the trip one of the best experiences of my life, but it truly changed the way I view the world and my compassion for human beings.

 Yes, I did have to shovel rocks and basically pave a road in 90 percent humidity but the smiling faces of the children and the millions of hugs I received each day made it all worth it.

Honduras 2

No, I'm serious...we really had to shovel rocks

When I got back from my trip I came to the realization that you don’t have to travel to Honduras to get involved; there is always someone in need and waiting for your help. San Luis Obispo may not look like a city in need, but according to the 2006 ACTION for Healthy Communities Indicator Report, “13% of survey respondents reported that their basic needs (such as food, clothing, childcare, housing or healthcare) are not met on a monthly basis.” To think that the most basic needs of some people in our own community are not being met is unfortunate and drives me to get involved that much more. There are so many organizations out there looking for volunteers to donate their time, even if it is for just 1 hour a week and there are even websites that can match your interests with an organization, making volunteering that much easier.

Websites that can match your interests with an organization:

In Honduras, not only did I build relationships with the natives but the people that I volunteered with or my “work team” essentially became my second family. Working side by side with a group of individuals and having the same exact goal for those two weeks is what really brought us together. I would have never met those people if I hadn’t given up my time to volunteer abroad. By volunteering you are able to not only reach out to the people or group you are helping but you can also build relationships with those you are working with.

Though I left for Honduras with a somewhat negative view of volunteer work, I came home with a completely new outlook. My heart has forever been changed and now when I take the time to reflect on my own life, I realize just how fortunate I am. When you give up your time, even if it is limited, you begin to see that your worries and stresses are minimal to what others are experiencing.

Honduras 1

Bagging food for some of the kids to take home to their families

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